The Moorlose


A memorial at the end of the Weser dike: The Moorlose Kirche is an old parish church in Burglesum.

Situated in the conservation area of the Werderland, lies the church, built in medieval times.

There are two widely spread stories concerning the origin of its name. One of it says that the church got its name from a former ditch that was called Moorlöse and lay in the ultimate vicinity of the building. Another says that the name of the church was derived from the word for ‘motherless ‘.
As the river Weser changed its course during the Middle Ages, it separated the former village of Büren. Mittelsbüren and Lower Büren lay now on the right side, Hasenbüren and Lewenbüren on the left side of the Weser. Thus, the Moorlose and its so-called ‘mother church ‘in Altenesch became also separated.
Therefore, the church became ‘motherless ‘.

Regardless of which you believe, the Moorlose Kirche is worth a day trip in any case. Whether by bike or skates along the Weser dike, with the ship „Hal över“via the Mittelsbüren quay or by car, at the end a beautiful church in neo-Gothic style awaits you, as well as an adjacent restaurant with a beer garden in idyllic atmosphere.

It is perfect for relaxing after a bike trip, for coffee and cake on Sundays or a after normal church service. Many people come to visit the building, listed in 1973, till today. Since the church had become dilapidated, it was replaced by a new building in 1845-1846 by builder Theodor Eggers.