Dixieland and swing at the Lesum harbour

What have the Californian capital Sacramento and the Hanseatic town of Bremen in common?
More than you think at first glance.
In both cities, two rivers flow into each other.
And both dedicate a festival to a special style of music.
The Dixieland days bring the jazz and the swing to the idyllic Lesum harbour and celebrate the joy of music.
Enjoy the relaxed sounds and the harbour sunset on a Friday, party in a maritime way with friends and a cold drink on Saturdays, or discover the children ‘s programme with the whole family on a Sunday.
Dixieland carries a carefree Californian attitude to life directly to Burglesum.

You reach the picturesque Lesum harbour in Burglesum, address: Am Lesumhafen, by rail (exit Bremen-Lesum, walk from the station approx. 8 minutes) or with the number 90 or 94 bus (bus stop „Zur Lesumer Kirche“).


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