Opening of the Burglesum cultural days with a festive procession:
Lesum Marketplace (Start) Tura and harbour premises on the Lesum, Knoops Park in Bremen-St. Magnus (Finish).
The Burglesum cultural days ‘Summer in Lesmona‘enliven the yearly calendar of this town part since 1994 and belong by now to the cultural highlights, finding a favourable reception and being an asset for this place.
Like in the years before, the nine-day cultural festival has its fixed place in the cultural life of Bremen-Nord and enjoys generally great popularity.
It is compiled and organized by the working group Summer in Lesmona under the leadership of Peter Gedaschke, with the premise of developing ideas, establishing contacts and collecting contributions, until finally a usable concept with a programme, catering to different interest and age groups, emerges.
Through the years, it could be achieved to improve the programme of the cultural days and to add even more facets to it.
-You can always rely on the numerous associations, groups and institutions, mainly from Lesum and the neighbouring town parts to add with their contributions much to the variety and diversity and give the event a special and unique charm.


Arbeitsgemeinschaft  Sommer in Lesmona
Peter Gedaschke
(1. Vorsitzender)

phone: 0421 – 63 61 795
Fax: 0421 – 63 66 562