Council elections

The newly elected Council in Burglesum:

SPD Wolter, Maren
SPD Müller, Werner Wilhelm
SPD Heide, Niels
SPD Appel, Ute
SPD Schemmel, Andrea

CDU Hornhues, Bettina
CDU Hornhues, Hans Martin
CDU Lürßen, Helga
CDU Freihorst, Marcel
CDU Klepatz, Jan Frederik

GRÜNE Schnaubelt, Ulrike
GRÜNE Punkenburg, Barbara
GRÜNE Friesen, Ewald

DIE LINKE Tegtmeier, Rainer

FDP Freiherr Heereman von Zuydtwyck, Pius

AfD Rühl, Harald
AfD Buddenbohm, Kai-Thorsten

Council elections

So, 26. Mai

The new Council Burglesum!

The Council deals with all affairs of public interest.
Its members are the first contacts when there is something amiss or should urgently be tackled.
For example, if the potholes in the street are so big that you can hardly drive, an unofficial rubbish dump is growing in the neighbourhood or the repair of the playship is taking too much time.
The members of the Council get involved for the district by planning and implementing measures in close consultation with the citizens.
This ranges from cultural affairs to the safeguarding of social offers and the design of the living environment.
The council also decides the allocation of Council means to associations and bodies within the district.
The members of the Council work honorary and are, parallel to the Bremen Bürgerschaft elections, elected for four years.
The sessions are public and EVERYONE who has a request, something to criticize, suggestions or another concern can directly adress the Council.
Thus, there is hardly any better way to make a difference in the district-very directly and up close.

Therefore, turn out and vote!

Stimm-Zettel MUSTER

Maren Wolter
Niels Heide
Ute Appel
Werner Wilhelm Müller
Andrea Schemmel
Benedikt Kurth
Beatrix Jantzen
Muhuttin Pacaci
Holger Armin Hagedorn
Norbert Martin Peters
Lukas Ohrnberger
Martin Nowakowski

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Hans Martin Hornhues
Helga Lürßen
Marcel Freihorst
Bettina Hornhues
Jan Frederik Klepatz
Isolde Imela Eylers
Dennis Janke
Alexandra Sophie Freitag
Ernst Schroeder
Birit Alice Oldenburger
Dieeter Michaelsen
Inka Michaelsen

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Ulrike Schaubelt
Barbara Punkenburg
Ewald Friesen
Reinhold Koch
Anke Schmidt
Rainer Marondel
Nicole Sander
Andre Lange
Regine Jungmann
Karin Pahl-Neumann
Peter Jungmann
Ina Kleier
Dirk Schmidtmann

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Rainer Tegtmeier
Ernst Gembs

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Freiherr Pius Heereman von Zuydtwyck
Jens Kynast
Agnes Müller-Lang
Marcus Rodeald
Bernd Tschakert
Frank Rath
Georg von Groeling-Müller

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Harald Rühl
Kai-Thorsten Buddenbohm
Frank Magnitz

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Heike Boll
Henning Meyer
Jens-Rainer Jurgan
Hanna Duncan

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